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Wellington Perforated Sheet & Plate Inc. provides you with quality products. We offer over 350 different stock perforated patterns from our warehouse in Fergus, Ontario. Give us a call today for a quote or for further assistance!

Decorative Patterns

We offer a variety of decorative patterns of stock sheet metal for your needs. Contact us today if you need further assistance!

PerfCentersGaugeOpen AreaSheet SizePDF Image
Round Cane2043%36" x 96" 36
Grecian2235%48" x 96" 48
Windsor2245%48" x 96" 48
Full Clover2233%36" x 96" 36
1/8" x 1" Oblong Slot1643%48" x 96" PDF 48
1/4" Hex9/32" Staggered20, 2279%48" x 96" PDF 48
1/2" Hex9/16" Staggered1680%48" x 96", 48" x 120" PDF 48